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DEADLY CLASHES: At least two people were killed Friday when demonstrators protesting against the Colombian government's drug crop eradi-ca-tion program clashed with security forces for a second day, authorities said in Bogota. The clashes occurred in Caqueta, one of three southern provinces where thousands of peasant growers of coca leaf, the raw material for cocaine, have protested since mid-July against government efforts to wipe out the crop.NOT CHARGED: A Cancun judge threw out child-trafficking charges Friday against a Wisconsin mother and daughter arrested as they allegedly tried to take a newborn boy out of Mexico. Judge Eduardo Antonio Trejo Haas of the 3rd Criminal Court of Quintana Roo state cited lack of evidence for the baby-buying charges against Laurie Henderson, 36, of Madison, Wis., and her mother, Beverly Gehrke, 58, of Sun Prairie, Wis. The women were stopped at the airport Aug. 15 as they tried to board a flight for the north Mexican city of Monterrey with the infant.

ANTI-U.S. PROTEST: Demonstrators near the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines, shouted "Death to U.S. Imperialism" and burned an American flag Friday to protest oil-price increases brought on by industry deregulation. Transportation strikes across the country left commuting workers and students stranded, forcing schools and banks to close in several key cities. The protests coincided with the centennial celebration of the start of the 1896 Philippine Revolution, when Filipinos rose against Spanish colonialism.

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TRIAL: The defense rested Friday in the New York City trial of three Middle East militants charged with scheming to blow up a dozen U.S. jetliners over Asia. The jury could begin deliberating by the end of next week. Federal prosecutors spent 12 weeks presenting their case, summoning 47 witnesses and introducing more than 1,000 exhibits into evidence. By contrast, the defense wrapped up in four days after calling just five witnesses and introducing about 35 exhibits. None of the defendants testified.

CRASH: A Marine electronic-warfare plane crashed in the Arizona desert Friday, killing all four people aboard in the third military aircraft accident in two days. The EA-6B Prowler, designed to jam enemy communications, went down at midmorning during a training mission on a gunnery range near the Gila Mountains, about 60 miles east of the Marine Corps Air Station at Yuma.

VIOLATED: A vegetarian bus driver's civil rights were violated by a municipal bus company that fired him for refusing to hand out coupons for free hamburgers, a federal agency has ruled. California's Orange County Transit Authority dismissed Bruce Anderson in June after he chose not to give passengers coupons from a fast-food chain that runs ads featuring sandwiches oozing sauce.

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JAPAN'S deadly outbreak of E. coli food poisoning claimed its 11th victim Friday, a 59-year-old woman in western Japan who died of respiratory failure. . . . A BOMB exploded at a bustling market Friday in Algiers, Algeria, killing six people.