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Duck numbers in the Pacific flyway are up and so are the number of ducks Utah waterfowl hunters may harvest during the 1996 season. Hunters may have a total of seven ducks in their daily bag, with no more than one hen mallard, two pintails, two redheads or one canvasback. The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.

The breeding population of four species - canvasback, northern shoveler, blue-winged teal and gadwall - is the highest in 40 years. Redhead and greenwinged teal breeding population numbers are the second highest on record.The state will remain divided into two duck hunting zones.

The duck hunting season in Zone 1 runs Oct. 5-Jan. 5. The season begins at 8 a.m.. Oct. 5. The duck hunting season for Zone 2 runs Oct. 12-Jan. 12 and begins one-half hour before sunrise on Oct. 12.

The general goose season runs Oct. 5-Jan. 12 statewide and begins at 8 a.m., Oct. 5, in Zone 1, and one-half hour before sunrise, Oct. 5, in Zone 2.

The daily bag limit will be two dark and three white geese. AIdrich reported Canada geese in the Pacific flyway are doing well.

Swan are doing well too, with 98,000 tundra swan counted in the flyway, the second highest number ever, he said.

Utah's swan season runs Oct. 5 - Dec. 1 and 2,750 permits will be available. Applications will be accepted from Sept. 2, until 5 p.m., Sept. 16. Applications will be accepted in the mall only.

Harvest objective hunt unit permits for cougar hunting will be available to residents and nonresidents, over the counter at Division offices, beginning Nov. 14, 1996. Hunters may purchase one permit.

With the exceptions of the Pine Valley Mountain and Browse units, where hunting begins Nov. 15, the harvest objective hunting unit season is Dec. 14-June 7, unless the harvest objective for a unit is met, at which time the hunt on that unit will be closed.

Before hunting on a harvest objective unit, hunters must call a toll-free telephone line, 1-888-668-LION, to verify hunting on that unit is still open. The telephone line will open Nov. 15. Recorded information will be updated by 8 p.m. daily.

Applications for limited entry hunts will be available from Division offices and hunting license agents beginning Oct. 2. The application period is Oct. 2 until p.m., Oct. 21. Applications will be accepted in the mail only.