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Alta View Hospital-

ANDERL, Vicky and Parrin, Sandy, boy, Aug. 3.

BONNER, Becky and Wesley, Sandy, boy, Aug. 3.

HOLLOMAN, Kristy and John, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 3.

MAXWELL, Amy and Jason, Midvale, girl, Aug. 2.

McCLUSKEY, Lisa, and WALKER, Leviticus, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 2.

SWANSON, Tisa, and HOLST, Val II, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 2.

VAN PATTEN, Olya and Michael, Draper, girl, Aug. 3.

American Fork Hospital-

ABEL, Peggy and Dan, American Fork, girl, July 19.

ALLEN, Ranae and Kendall, Provo, boy, July 19.

APPLETON, Jennifer and Michael, Orem, girl, July 19.

BAKER, Lisa and Robert, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 24.

BARDIN, Jill and Gregory, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 19.

BARNEY, Cassandra and Daniel, Orem, girl, July 21.

BISHOP, Beth and Terry, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 19.

BLACK, Elise and Jerome, Springville, boy, July 25.

BUNKER, Rebekah and Gerald, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 20.

CARTER, Angela and Ryan, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 18.

CLOWARD, Jennifer and Aaron, Salt Lake City, July 22.

EDWARDS, Brenda and Richard, Salt Lake Ciy, boy, July 23.

EVANS, Ruth Ann and Lamar, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 24.

HANSON, Kimberlee and Adam, Provo, boy, July 23.

HUNZIKER, Jennifer and INGRAM, James, Provo, boy, July 18.

HUTCHINGS, Wendy and Paul, American Fork, girl, July 21.

JARED, Shanell and Aaran, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 18.

JENSEN, Tara and William, Orem, girl, July 22.

JOHNSON, Heidi and John, Lehi, boy, July 17.

KARREN, Laurie and Ronald, Lehi, boy, July 21.

LAW, Jean and Lawrence, Orem, girl, July 20.

LAWRENCE, Shauna and David, Provo, girl, July 22.

McCANDLESS, Tamara and Bud, Lehi, boy, July 19.

MILLINGTON, Lara and Aaron, American Fork, girl, July 22.

PACE, Magan and Scott, Orem, girl, July 21.

PACK, Holly and Brodie, Provo, girl, July 18.

RICHARDS, Stefanie and Preston, Orem, boy, July 19.

RILEY, Desarie and Bruce, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 21.

SANDOVAL, Yvonne and Gregory, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 20.

SCHAUERHAMER, Cheryl and David, Alpine, girl, July 18.

SEARLE, Rickie and Troy, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 18.

STOKES, Billie and Layne, boy, Lindon, July 22.

TRUMAN, Jennifer and BAKKILA, Veikko, Springville, boy, July 23.

WILKERSON, Mikal and Trevor, Provo, girl, July 24.

WOFFINDEN, Alana and Steven, American Fork, boy, July 18.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Laura and Austin, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 2.

BONHAM, Stacey and Brian, Centerville, girl, Aug. 2.

CHRISTIANSEN, Jamie and Rick, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 2.

EASTANCE, Kari and Erin, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 2.

FRAMPTON, Angela and Brad, Centerville, boy, Aug. 2.

PHILLIPS, Jamie and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 2.

REES, Janet and John, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 2.

VAN DYK, Diana and Paul, Sandy, girl, Aug. 2.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

BAROWSKI, Autumn and Mark, Washington Terrace, girl, Aug. 1.

CHANDLER, Angela and Chad, North Ogden, girl, Aug. 1.

SORG, Kjerstine and Christopher, Layton, girl, Aug. 1.

TO, Jill and David, Ogden, girl, Aug. 1.

PHC Regional Hospital and Medical Center-

HORTON, Julie, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 1.

LEIS, Krista and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy, July 30.

NAGARAJAN, Janaki and KRISHNAMURTHY, Dhileepkumar, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 1.

QUINTANA, Kristiann and Sam, Midvale, boy, Aug. 1.

SWIFT, Brenda, Lehi, girl, Aug. 1.

TAOIPU, Audrey and RODRIGUEZ, Guillermo, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 1.