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The Cache County School District has been asked by a student's father to close down as unsafe the aging North and South Cache freshmen centers.

The buildings, in Richmond and Hyrum, were erected in the early 1920s as high schools. For the past two years, they have been used as freshmen centers. Last spring, North Cache had 594 students enrolled, while South Cache had 499.F. Greg Robinson of Paradise, who will have a son enrolled at South Cache this year, said the district should declare an emergency and not open the schools for fall quarter.

District officials intend to raze the buildings if a bond issue passes, probably next year. Meantime, they maintain studies show the buildings are safe enough.

"I feel it is in a crisis situation and is an emergency," Robinson said in a June 4 letter to the school board.

In another letter July 17, Robinson challenged the board to condemn the buildings under the "dangerous to life" section of the state building code.

"The issue is, are these schools safe?" he wrote. "I feel strongly that we need to act immediately to eliminate the possibility of a disaster."

District hopes of tearing down the buildings and replacing them with new schools were dashed last November when the public turned down a $16 million bond issue.

Robinson gave the district a 30-minute video free of charge to promote last year's bond. The video was produced through Robinson's business, CHEC Systems of Logan, which provides curriculum systems to schools.

However, Robinson said Thursday that he has no business interest or advantage in condemning the buildings.

District officials hope to resurrect a revised bond issue next year.

"We are moving as quickly as we can to recommend to patrons of the district to take these buildings down," School Board President Brent Parker said.