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Want to quaff a new beverage these hot August afternoons? Kool-Aid's new "Island Twists" come in "Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi" and "Man-O-Mango-Berry" flavors. The 4-ounce packets make 2 quarts of punch and retail for 99 cents.

Edyth Jensen (married, frequent visits from kids and grandkids): "There aren't many Kool-Aid flavors we don't like. And the Island Twists are no exception. We tried the `Man-O-Mango Berry.' It has a light fruit taste (mangos and raspberries). The little ones enjoy it every time we have some. So do the `big' ones!"Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 6-16): "I'd wager that most people are longtime fans or foes of Kool-Aid. Nearly everyone has downed a few glasses of assorted flavors. Our new strawberry-kiwi yielded no surprises. It had a pleasant and fruity flavor and an appealing color."

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "Man oh man, we tried the Man-O-Mango-Berry flavor! And boy-oh-boy, it was awful! Maybe our taste buds were attuned to the fruit juices we had been drinking, but their punch tasted mighty weak - just a step above plain water. Sorry, we'll pass on this one."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, two teenage boys at home): "Way to go, Kool-Aid! New flavors were needed! The `Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi' was a very refreshing drink. But don't add all the water at once. I diluted it a little too much. I like this new flavor and will buy it again."

Rich Firmage (married, four children, oldest 11 years old): "We tested the kiwi-strawberry Kool-Aid flavor. This stuff was good. My kids loved it. My wife, who usually doesn't like this type of drink, said she liked it, too. It has a very good flavor and we will definitely buy this again."

Bill Allred (single): "Well, the kids seem to like it quite a bit. All of them at the big birthday barbecue drank it down with pleasure. Erin Fraser of KISN radio was there and she tried to drain the pitcher before the children could get anymore. I'm told Erin loves any kind of fruit punch. As for myself . . . I'm not much of a Kool-Aid man but even I thought it quite drinkable. If only I'd saved a piece of aunt Barbara Poulson's simply elegant chocolate cake from the night before to have with my Kool-Aid. Ah, well, some culinary pleasures are not to be."

Conclusion: Two "twisters" touched down as new Kool-Aid flavors. One, "Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi," was a big hit with our testers. "Man-O-Mango-Berry" got mixed reviews and may just be a weak little wind devil.