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I was listening to a CBS news report Monday regarding some of the activities that have taken place at the Olympics other than those that have been directly related to the athletes.

We have all been devastated in the world by terrorism, but I also think there is another tragedy that has taken place and I agree with the commentary of CBS radio. Nike has an ad that states, "You don't win the silver or bronze, you lose the gold."Isn't it interesting that so much pressure is put on winning that we lose the spirit of the game and that pressure immediately moves on to the youth of America. We have youngsters who play basketball, football and baseball in which they are told they are going to win the championship even if not everyone has a chance to play.

I feel this is a tragedy in America that we have to be exposed to, that the only way you can be a winner is to take home the gold.

I believe you can be a winner in life if you are a loving and caring person who gives 100 percent effort in whatever you do. Success should be measured on effort, not on a medal or a final grade.

When we have youngsters who don't have a chance to play and read the ads such as Nike, they sometimes give up and decide that they are not good enough. Isn't America a land of opportunity for all to try to succeed in many endeavors? Let's bring back the spirit that winning takes place not only on the field but off the field.

Dave W. Morrison

Salt Lake City