Winners have been announced in this year's Utah State Fair/-Snowbird Resort Music Competition, held Tuesday and Wednesday at the resort and Thursday at the Temple Square Assembly Hall. They are:

ELEMENTARY PIANO: First, Jessica Weiss; second, Ryan Brown; third, Stephanie Messick.INTERMEDIATE PIANO: First, Jonathan Coombs; second, Erin Palmer; third, Hilary Coombs.

JUNIOR PIANO: First, Jonathan Lee; second, Cassandria Barlow; third, Catherine Brower.

SENIOR PIANO: First, Elizabeth Gardiner; second, Lindsay Gray; third, Kelly Anderson.

INTERMEDIATE WINDS: First, Stacy Bauman; second, Scott Elmer; third, Shalaun Thiriot.

JUNIOR WINDS: First, Benjamin Wall; second, Camille Van Dyke; third, Brooke Jarrett.

SENIOR WINDS: First, Lisa Anderson; second, Darrin Thiriot; third, Mathew Croft.

ELEMENTARY STRINGS: First, Julia Hunter; second, Mary Price; third, Michelle Ferry.

INTERMEDIATE STRINGS: First, Emily Price; second, Barney Lund; third, Georgia Marriott.

JUNIOR STRINGS: First, Ingrid Scherer; second, Karen Maloy; third, James Rhodes.

SENIOR STRINGS: First, Heidi Sorenson; second, Kate Marriott; third, Alexis Van Dyke.

ELEMENTARY HARP: First, Hannah Watkins; second, Makay Ence; third, Natalie Richards.

JUNIOR HARP: First, Natalia Naylor; second, Adriana Horne; third, Marilyn Becraft.

SENIOR HARP: First, Cate Todd; second, Heather Horne; third, Bianca Ence.

JUNIOR ORGAN: First, David Peterson; second, Kelly Argyle; third, Shanna Lillywhite.

JUNIOR VOCAL: First, Rachelle Harmon; second, Paul Beesley; third, Kody Anderson.

SENIOR VOCAL: First, Michael Chipman; second, Tausha Bunker; third, Bethanyu Stringham.

First-, second- and third-place winners will be presented in concert Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 10 and 11, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Fairpark Conference Center.

First-place winners will also perform Saturday, Sept. 14, at 7:30 p.m. in the Temple Square Assembly Hall under the auspices of Mu Phi Epsilon. Admission is free but limited to those 8 and older.