Recently Channel 5 aired a piece on copyright restrictions, stating music can no longer be used for non-commercial purposes without paying royalties to do so. To simplify, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other groups are prohibited from singing music that has been protected by the copyright laws unless they pay royalties. This raises concerns in my mind.

As an independent artist, I protect my music by copyright laws. I have done so to secure rights so that financial gain will not be obtained without my permission and to retain my right to be compensated through royalties. It has never been my intent to withhold the right of use for non-commercial purposes.The gift of song is given to bless our lives. There is no greater honor to one's work than to know it is being sung to bring joy and understanding to the hearts of others. It is my belief these feelings are shared by many artists.

This restriction puts honorable people in a bind, for in order to uphold their integrity they are caught between a rock and a hard spot. Perhaps it is time for artists to speak out and say enough is enough. It is my belief that this can be done simply by placing, "May be used for non-commercial purposes" next to the copyright symbol on our work.

Terree Hoggard

American Fork