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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Richard Evans' article on the shooting woes of Jeff Hornacek.

I am a big fan of the Jazz. I also am a great admirer of Jeff. I hope Jeff realizes that the one aspect of his game, long range shooting, can only prosper with much more added strength. Yes, weight lifting. One becomes tainted with their shooting technique because they are asking muscles to assist that are not strong enough anymore. Remember when you were 6 or 7 years old? You couldn't even shoot a free throw. Why? You weren't strong enough. This same thing happens as we age.Ask Karl Malone or listen to Michael Jordan on the effects age has on an athlete's ability. Jordan was asked on a weekly magazine television show why he weight lifted so much, "I want to play as good as I did when I was 24. If my body gets weaker, I can't keep up with the younger players. Weight lifting gives me all the strength and stamina I need." And Malone, he gets bigger and stronger every year. So does his long-range shooting.

In Jeff's case, he has lost his "touch" because he is getting older and his body is wearing out. If he lifts weights, especially on his off days during the season, science has guaranteed he will maintain his youthfulness and fantastic athletic ability.

Rick Bojak

West Jordan