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The list of people who gave money to Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini which she used to pay a settlement debt in the Bonneville Pacific case grew by two this week.

Barbara and Norm Tanner said they gave the mayor a check for $10,000 in late 1995."We gave it to her because we are friends of hers," said Norm Tanner. "We've been friends for many years. I used to ski with her father (the late Rev. Horace McMullen)."

Ron Yengich, Corradini's lawyer, said the mayor simply forgot about the donation when she provided the list last November.

"When the mayor and I were going over everything, I sent her back to look through things. She remembered this one," Yengich said. "There was no effort to hide. It was a name she forgot."

The Tanners said they do no business with the city and had nothing to gain by giving the money.

"We were pleased to help her," Norm Tanner said. "There were no strings attached."

Barbara Tanner said the mayor asked them for help but never mentioned a dollar amount.

"She was embarrassed to ask for help," Barbara Tanner said. "We certainly didn't expect anything back. We knew that she had financial problems hanging over her . . . that it was a terrible distraction. We felt like she needed to be able to get on with her job."

Barbara Tanner said the couple, who are living in Palm Springs, Calif., for the winter, haven't been subpoenaed by the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office. She said that they will cooperate with officials conducting the investigation. The district attorney is conducting an investigation to determine if Corradini did anything wrong in accepting the money.

"We have nothing to hide," Barbara Tanner said.

Norm Tanner is a nephew and former business associate of the late O.C. Tanner. Norm Tanner was vice president of the O.C. Tanner Co.

Last November Corradini released a list of 26 people who had given her more than $200,000 in cash and stocks over a two-year period. That list included some of the state's wealthiest and most influential people.

That list included James Sorenson, who gave the mayor and her husband more than $25,000; Richard and Judy Winwood, who gave the mayor $46,000; Salt Lake Buzz baseball team owner Joe Buzas and his wife, Helen, who gave Corradini $20,000.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.