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On Jan. 11, a KSL-TV news story reported that Sandy may not allow UTA to build two park-and-ride stations in the city for the light rail. Consequently, it is possible that the light rail will not stop in Sandy if it is built. Sandy residents would have to travel to Draper and Midvale for public transportation.

This story is so unbelievable that I called a councilman to see if it was accurate. I was dismayed to find out that there is significant support for such a position among city officials.One can argue whether light rail is good or bad. However, this is not the issue. If the light rail is built, it would be an incredible mistake for Sandy to prohibit the two park-and-ride lots. If the light rail is built, it will become the center of the mass transportation system in this valley. Without convenient stations, the system will be of little utility to city residents and those who want to travel to the city.

The present level of service will decline without good light-rail access as present routes will be integrated with light rail. This would make transportation much more difficult for the economically disadvantaged and those with disabilities as well as for those who use public transportation in an effort to improve our environment.

I know that UTA can be difficult to negotiate with, but it is also unreasonable to expect UTA to give Sandy special treatment that is not available to other cities along the route. Yes, the needs of nearby residents need to be addressed as much as possible, but the city must not ignore the greater needs of the vast majority of the city.

Kent C. Jaffa