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After serving one hour for a local fast-food restaurant and with several epidemics of food poisoning in well-known restaurants, I knew something needed to be done about food handling.

Before doing my service, I had to obtain a food-handlers permit, which required a test. A booklet is handed out to help with studying, and with only studying a short amount of time, the test can be passed. The test was simple and, according to research and an interview with the Child Nutrition Programs director of the Ogden School District, I discovered there need to be more restrictions on employees' behavior and emphasis put on the importance of good food-handling habits.The best solution, according to research, is to make getting the permit difficult and something that requires serious study.

If the applicant was to watch a movie teaching proper food handling and showing the problems when food is not handled properly, as well as a series of worksheets where the applicant would be required to do research, it would make a strong impression in the applicant's mind.

Food handlers should, of course, always wash their hands after handling different foods, especially raw meats, and after using the restroom.

During my employment interview, the topic of cleanliness was discussed. The director said, "If you walked into the kitchen of a restaurant, you would walk out the front door." Restaurants should be checked more regularly by the Health Department.

I know from personal experience that many restaurant chains hire people specifically to clean. Managers need to be made aware of the problem so they can help to clean up some people's acts.

Anne Wilson