The daughter of a man killed by mob turncoat Salvatore "Sammy Bull" Gravano wants to make sure his crime does not pay.

Laura Garofalo has asked the New York Crime Victims Board to prevent Gravano from getting any money from a possible book or movie about his life story.Gravano is reportedly being paid six figures for his story. Garofalo wants to make sure that a 1992 state law - which allows for the seizure of profits from crime - applies in Gra-vano's case.

Garofalo's father, Eddie Garo-falo, was gunned down at his Brooklyn home in 1990.

That same year, Gravano became a government informant and helped put away mob boss John Gotti. Gravano confessed to 19 killings, served five years and is now in the federal witness protection program.

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