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The House Education Committee has endorsed a resolution that calls on schools to do a better job of meeting the needs of gifted students.

HR5, sponsored by Rep. Gary Cox, D-Kearns, encourages the Utah State Board of Education and local school boards to work with teachers to meet the needs of gifted students.Cox said his son could read at the age of 3. When he started public school, the school had no programs to assist them. Instead of being challenged, he ended up tutoring other children.

"This is, in my opinion, a learning disability. We provide for other disabilities," Cox said.

Doug Bates, director of school law for the Utah State Office of Education, said to really make a difference, legislators need to put additional money into such programs.

"The money that is allocated is not sufficient to meet the needs of gifted students in grades K-12," said Bates, noting lawmakers are more focused on road construction projects.

"Whether to move cars faster or children, I think that's the decision we need to make," he said.