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New Alpine Loop stations to reduce their hours

The hours of operation for the new entrance stations on the Alpine Loop will be reduced in late October to accommodate visitation levels.

A pass is $3, which allows entrance for three consecutive days. A discounted 1997 pass, which expires Dec. 31, is $10. A 12-month pass is $25, and beginning Jan. 1, a 14-day pass will be offered for $10.Pleasant Grove District ranger Robert Easton said, "The stations will continue to be open on a daily basis until late October when we will go to a weekends-only operation." A pass is required for recreational use of the American Fork Canyon/Alpine Loop area. Visitors who are just driving through the area on U-92 do not need a pass.

Annual and other types of passes may be purchased at the entrance stations. Passes may also be purchased at the following vendors: Utah County 7-Elevens, Kohler's in Lindon and Highland, Circle K in American fork, B.J.'s Short Stop in Pleasant Grove, Mountain Land One-Stop and Wasatch Mountain State Park in Heber. A self-service fee tube is available at Cascade Springs for individuals entering the fee program area at that location.