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A.F. reserve jets to start night flights from Hill AFB

Utah's only Air Force reserve wing will begin flying night missions Wednesday.

The 419th Fighter Wing will fly night training sorties through March 1998, launching from Hill Air Force Base, said wing spokesman Capt. Den-nis J. Mehring. "The jets will take off no earlier than one hour after sunset and land no later than 10 p.m.," he said.Pilots from the wing's 466th Fighter Squadron will use night vision goggles that attach to their helmets. This is the first year that the Air Force Reserve Command units are using the goggles, and this wing has been designated as the first unit to undergo the new training.

Because the goggles are so sensitive to light, a special instrument systems had to be installed in the F-16 jets that the wing flies. The system reduces glare from the planes' lights so the goggles won't lose their effectiveness.