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Royal National Theater gaining new director

The old order changeth, but at the Royal National Theater, the shows go on. On Thursday, Trevor Nunn is to succeed Richard Eyre as director of the theater. The farewell party took place Saturday.

In the meantime their plays are the thing. At the Olivier Theater, Nunn has a new and well-received production of Ibsen's "Enemy of the People" in a version commissioned by Christopher Hampton. The production of Ibsen's indictment of politicians and public gullibility is the first at the National and only the third of the play in London in the 20th century.Ian McKellen stars as Dr. Stockmann, whose attempt to expose a pollution scandal despite the resistance of politicians and the press leads to his denunciation as an enemy of the people.

Ibsen's play is running in repertory with Eyre's staging of "Guys and Dolls."