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Mississippi student kills 2, injures 6 outside school

A student opened fire on schoolmates early Wednesday at Pearl High School, killing at least two people including a former girlfriend and injuring six others. The boy's mother was later found dead, her throat slit.

The 18-year-old junior, Luke Woodham, was arrested and charged with murder.The shooting happened about 8:10 a.m. as buses were arriving at the school. David Williams, a sophomore, said the gunman walked into the commons area inside the front of the school, pulled a shotgun from his jacket and opened fire.

"He was shooting anybody he could find. He shot at me and hit the staircase," said Mark Wilkerson, a freshman. "I saw fragments going everywhere."

Another witness said the man apologized to one of the students he had wounded.

Police Chief Bill Slade choked back tears as he talked about the shooting.

"This was a disgruntled girlfriend-boyfriend thing," the chief said. "We talked to the youth; he gave us a statement and his manifesto was that he felt he had been wronged."

Slade said Woodham's mother was found dead at the family home in Pearl. Mary T. Woodham, 50, was believed to have died around 5 a.m.

The girlfriend was one of two students killed at the school.