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The top 10 in U.S. civil jury awards

The top 10 civil jury awards in 1996, according to Lawyers Weekly USA of Boston, and the status of the awards:

1. Roxas vs. Marcos, $22 billion. Estate of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos ordered to pay treasure hunter, now deceased, for stealing billions of dollars in gold and jewels. Under appeal.2. Hardy vs. General Motors Corp., $150 million. GM ordered to pay Alabama man who said he was paralyzed in an accident because door latch on his truck failed. Settled later for undisclosed amount.

3. Campbell vs. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Inc., $145 million. Insurer ordered to pay for not protecting interests of Utah policyholder who was sued after fatal 1981 car accident. Under appeal.

4. Cheetham vs. Cheetham, $93.5 million. Former New York police officer ordered to pay his 22-year-old daughter he admitted raping from the time she was 9. None of the award has been collected.

5. Blanton, et al., vs. General Dynamics Corp., $53.75 million each to two former employees. Workers said they were not compensated when company sold a business they helped create. Settled for undisclosed amount.

6. Red Wolf vs. Burlington Northern Railroad Co., $50 million each to five members of Crow Tribe in Montana. Status unknown.

7. Brower vs. Flint Ink, $48.7 million. Settled for undisclosed amount in March.

8. Bermudez vs. Ruiz, $44.2 million. Settled for $1 million.

9. Cabey vs. Goetz, $43 million. Nothing collected.

10. McGee vs. Phelps, et al., $36.6 million. Status unknown.