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Call hotline with questions about geriatrics

What should you do if you suspect an older person is being cheated by an unscrupulous semi-cousin? Where do you turn if you are starting to get lost on the way to the grocery? Whom can you trust with your elderly mother's finances?

For answers to these or any other question concerning geriatrics, call the Deseret News/Intermountain Health Care feature, Health Care Hotline, on Saturday. The session is from 10 a.m. to noon. Carol Hughes and Dr. Cherie Brunker can be reached toll-free from anywhere in the region by dialing 1-800-925-8177.

Callers need not discuss their concerns. Instead, if they wish, they may request a pamphlet about geriatrics, published by Salt Lake County Aging Services, and Hotline will mail it. The pamphlets cover a variety of topics of concern to the elderly.

Those who do wish to talk to Brunker and Hughes will not be asked to give their names. An article summarizing some of the questions and answers will be published in Sunday's Deseret News.