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U.S. Forest Service issues campgrounds, services list

With the elk hunting season under way and the general deer hunt a little more than a week away, the U.S. Forest Service has released a report on campgrounds and services that are and will be available through the hunts.

For those planning to use off-highway vehicles during the hunts, the USFS recommends hunters obtain a Travel Plans map that shows what roads, trails and areas are open to motorized vehicles.There will be fees charged at some campgrounds, but not all of them. Also, unless noted, there will be no water available.

Here is a list of campgrounds that will be open:

Ashley National Forest

In the Duchesne district, Iron Mine, Aspen, Hades and Stillwater will be open. Only Stillwater will have water. In the Flaming Gorge district, Cedar Springs will close Oct. 14, but Dripping Springs and Greendale Group Campground will stay open. In the Roosevelt district, Moonlake, Pole Creek, Reservoir, River View, Swift Creek, Uinta Canyon, Wandin and Yellowstone will be open. And in the Vernal district, Pine Springs, Oaks Park, East Park, White Rocks and Red Springs will be open. For information call 789-1181.

Dixie National Forest

In the Cedar City district, Cedar Canyon, Navajo Lake, Duck Creek, Panguitch Lake South, Vermillion Castle and White Bridge will be open. In the Escalante district, Barker Reservoir, Pine Lake, Posy Lake and Blue Spruce will be open. In the Pine Valley district, weather permitting, only the Oak Grove area will be open. If it is open it will have water. In the Powell district, Red Canyon is closed and Kings Creek may be closed. Call for information. And in the Teasdale district, only the Single Tree campground will be open for certain. For information call 865-3700.

Fishlake National Forest

In the Beaver district, Anderson Meadow, Little Cottonwood, Little Reservoir, Mahogany Cove, Kents Lake and City Creek will be open. In the Fillmore district, Maple Grove, Maple Hollow and Oak Creek will be open. No decision has been made on Adelaide campground. In the Loa district, Bowery, Sunglow and Elkhorn will be open. Bowery and Sunglow will have water. Mackinaw will be open only through the elk hunt. In the Richfield district, only Gooseberry campground will be open. For information call 896-9437.

Manti-LaSal National Forest

In the Ferron/Price district, Ferron Reservoir, Indian Creek, Forks of Huntington and Gooseberry will be open. Joe's Valley will be closed. In the Moab district, Buckeye, Oowah and Warner will be open. In the Monticello district, Buckboard, Dalton Spring, Devils Canyon and Nizhoni will be open. And in Sanpete district, Chicken Creek, Lake Hill, Manti Community, Maple Canyon, Spring City and Twelve Mile Flat will be open. For information call 637-2817.

Uinta National Forest

In the Heber district, Aspen Grove, Currant Creek (part), Lodgepole (part), Mill Hollow, Renegade, Soldier Creek and Strawberry Bay (part) will be open and will have water, weather permitting. In the Pleasant Grove district, Altamont, Granite Flats, Hope, Little Mill, Mt. Timpanogos, North Mill, Rock Canyon, Theatre-In-The-Pines and Timpooneke will be open and will have water, weather permitting. And in the Spanish Fork district, Salsam, Bear Canyon, Blackhawk, Cheery, Diamond, Maple Bench, Ponderosa, Tinney Flat, Whiting and Vernon will be open and will have water until Oct. 14. For information call 342-5100.

Wasatch-Cache National Forest

In the Evanston district, Christmas Meadows, Beaver View, Hayden, Sulpher, Stillwater, East Fork Blacks Fork and Bear River will be open. Only Bear River will have water. In the Kamas district, Beaver Creek, Ledgefork, Lower Provo, Shadydell, Shingle Creek, Soapstone, Smith-Morehouse, Taylors Fork, Trial Lake, Weber Cottonwood and Yellow Pine will be open. In the Logan district, Spring Hollow, Guinavah-Malibu, Preston, Lodge, Wood Camp, Lewis Turner, Tony Grove, Red Banks, Sunrise, Smithfield, High Creek, Pioneer, Friendship, Spring and Box Elder will be open and will have water, weather permitting. In the Mt. View district, Stateline, Marsh Lake, Bridge Lake and Hoop Lake will be open. In the Ogden district, Anderson Cove, Jefferson Hunt, Magpie, Hobble, Botts, Upper Meadows, Lower Meadows, Willows, Monte Cristo (part), Maples and Willard Basin will be open. In the Salt Lake district, Spruces, Redman, Tanners Flat, Cottonwood, Intake, Boyscout, Lower Narrows, Upper Narrows and Loop will be open. Jordan Pines will be open and have water. For information call 524-5030.