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Retail sales in Kaysville jump 40% in year's time

The city's retail sales increased significantly this past summer, creating the state's largest single jump in direct taxable sales.

For June 1997 compared with June 1996, Kaysville experienced a 40 percent increase in retail sales, way ahead of another Davis County city - second-place Centerville - that increased 32.5 percent in the same period.Another Davis County city, North Salt Lake, had a major increase of 11.6 percent during the same period. Beaver, in southern Utah, had the state's third-largest retail sales growth with a 28.2 percent increase.

Farmington and Layton only had marginal increases in sales, while Clearfield, Bountiful, Woods Cross and West Bountiful actually went down.

Kaysville city manager John Thacker said he can only attribute the increase to new business growth, mainly the new Albertson's store.

City Finance Director Dean Storey agreed and said the addition of Jensen RV was also a big factor in the large increase.

Storey doesn't anticipate Kaysville will see another big increase like the 40 percent jump for a long time, if ever.

Kaysville has added many new businesses in the past year - Joanie's Restaurant, a McDonald's Restaurant, a Taco Maker and Jake's Over the Top. In addition, another major grocery store, Bowman's, moved into a larger building.

More recently, a Ben Franklin's Craft store has opened in the former Bowman's building; and this past summer, Jensen RV moved to a larger site.

In addition, Western Rental is building a store west of I-15, and Phillips 66 is constructing a new convenience store gas station across the street from its current location. Thacker believes Phillips intends to keep both stores on 200 North open.

Centerville's large retail growth spurt is likely attributable to its Super Target store.

Layton also had a major retail addition this month with the Oct. 8 grand opening of another Super Target store on Antelope Drive.


Additional Information

Retail sales

Davis County

Large, monthly filers only

Name Sales, June 1996 Sales, June 1997 Percent Change

Kaysville $3.5 million $4.9 million +40.4

Centerville $7.2 million $5.5 million +32.5

North S.L. $6.8 million $7.6 million +11.6

Farmington $8.2 million $8.4 million + 2.5

Layton $45 million $45.5 million + 1.1

Clearfield $5.2 million $5 million - 3.2

Bountiful $20.3 million $19.6 million - 3.3

Woods Cross $10.3 million $10 million - 2.3

W. Bountiful $ 5.4 million $4.3 million -19.9