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PowerQuest sues Quarterdeck Corp.

PowerQuest Corp., a small Orem software company, has accused the Quarterdeck Corp. of patent infringement.

A lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City says PowerQuest employees Eric J. Ruff, Robert S. Raymond and Scot Llewelyn invented a new method for manipulating disk partitions prior to Feb. 23, 1995.On Oct. 7 of this year, the patent office issued PowerQuest a patent for the program, which is marketed under the trademark "PartitionMagic." On the same day, PowerQuest filed the suit against Quarterdeck, a software maker based in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

According to the suit, Quarterdeck's "Partition-It" computer program "infringes one or more claims of the (Oct. 7) patent" by using method for manipulating computer hard disk partitions.