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Odds and ends to end up at Utah County auction

Looking for a baby stroller? How about a new foosball table?

Maybe you need a few extra rolls of snow fence or a large "Season's Greetings" sign? Check out the Utah County surplus auction.All of the aforementioned items are there plus a few exercise bikes, a couple of treadmills, a pallet of hubcaps and 19 metal bunkbeds.

"We have a lot from odd sources this year, that's correct," said Clyde Naylor, Utah County director of public works. "You can get a pretty good buy."

The auction is set for Saturday, Nov. 1, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Public Works Building and Warehouse at 2855 S. State in Provo.

Customers are required to register and pay cash for whatever they bid on.

The complete list of items available can be obtained from public works personnel.

That list includes weed and mosquito sprayers, a generator and a 1987 one-ton dump truck along with five 1992 Ford Broncos and a 1993 Chevrolet Blazer.

There's also a small orange trailer, a Cannon office copier, two blueprint machines, a refrigerator, two vacuums, assorted tables, desks and filing cabinets.

A medical gurney and an examining table are for sale as is a ping-pong table, a chalkboard on a roller stand and a barbell set.

Naylor said the profits from the sale go to the sheriff's department, to the motor pool and to various needs throughout the county.

Many of the items collected for the annual sales come from evidence storage and confiscations, he said.

"We can get some pretty unusual things," he said.