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Charging bull hooks a trophy: would-be bullfighter's briefs

A man was charged by a bull after jumping into a bullring. The man didn't lose his life, though. He lost his pants.

The would-be matador was trapped under the bull for several moments Thursday before the animal wedged its padded horn under his pants and flipped him upside-down over its back.After being tossed in the air for several seconds, the man fell to the ground - sans pants. His trousers and undershorts were caught on the bull's horn.

As the crowd at Zaragoza's bullring cheered on, the man - clearly embarrassed but apparently not seriously injured - scampered away trying cover his privates with all that was left intact - his red shirt. The bull, meanwhile, paraded about the bullring with its trophy: a pair of white undershorts flailing off his horn.

The incident came during the bullfighting festivals in this northeastern town. During the festivities, dozens of would-be bullfighters, who would normally only watch the highly trained professionals from afar, get down in the ring with a bull. The animals have their horns trimmed and padded with tape to prevent serious injury.

The man's identity and condition weren't known Friday.