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Criticism of Barberi absurd

This is in response to the three dolts Waldman, Limburg and Conrad - who were berating Tom Barberi (morning talk KALL-AM 910) recently in the Reader's Forum. They obviously listen to him with half a brain and half an ear. I've listened to his show for 24 years. He does not ridicule or berate the Mormons, of which I am one, or Utah culture. Instead, he believes that adults should have freedom of choice. Is not one of the paramount, basic tenets of the LDS Church that each individual has the right to choose?

Tom points out the asinine or narrow-minded views and philosophies of individuals, whether they be LDS, Catholics or atheists. Because most of our government leaders are Mormons, he is not bashing the LDS Church when he calls attention to the inane laws passed by the Legislature and our government leaders, who are not the conservatives they claim to be because they want to control every facet of our lives. Tom has also defended on many occasions the LDS Church's right to set rules and requirements for its members.He does not promote or endorse any of the vices mentioned by Waldman. Instead, he brings to light and questions certain activities, such as laws that the Legislature passes without scrutiny and poor governmental planning.

Tom is open-minded to others' opinions. He exhibits logic and common sense. His exceptionally sharp wit, wisdom and humor are evident daily. If more of our government leaders were as clear-thinking and logical as he, we would have a much better-managed state.

It's evident that Tom loves Utah, or he wouldn't still be here. How many other disc jockeys or talk show hosts have been at the same radio station for 26 years? He is the most popular and most listened to talk show host ever in Utah, obviously for a reason. Also, Tom was chosen one of the top 100 talk show hosts in the country, as noted in Talkers Magazine. For those closed-minded individuals who have turned Tom off, it is their loss.

Tom Barberi IS the Voice of Reason. Tom's mission is to entertain, enliven our lives and enlighten our minds. That he does - and does exceptionally well! I vote, Barberi for governor, senator, mayor . . .

Naida Parkinson

Salt Lake City