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Jazz cut `long shot' Ruffner Bryon Ruffner,

Bryon Ruffner, the former Timpview High, Utah State and BYU basketball star, was cut by the Utah Jazz Friday morning.

The Jazz now have 15 players in camp vying for 12 roster spots. There are 12 players with guaranteed contracts - 11 from last season's Western Conference Championship team and first-round draft pick Jacque Vaughn. The remaining three include second-round pick Nate Erdmann, rookie free-agent point guard Troy Hudson and journeyman center Greg Dreiling.

"Making cuts is a part of the job you don't like to deal with," said Jazz coach Jerry Sloan. "We just hope all the guys we have to cut do well after they leave us."

Ruffner came to Jazz camp knowing he was a long shot, at best, to make the team. "It'll be virtually impossible for me to make this team," Ruffner admitted last weekend in Boise.