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Mozart's Requiem would sound familiar to Anfossi

If Bach borrowed from Vivaldi, Liszt from Chopin, Bruckner from Wagner, Elgar from Mendelssohn, Shostakovich from Rossini, and Beethoven pinched his Fifth Symphony from obscure French revolutionary composers, who wrote Mozart's Requiem Mass?

The answer, in part, according to two Italian musicologists, is the little-known 18th century composer Pasquale Anfossi.The Naples-based academics have revealed that they have discovered the manuscript of a symphony by the composer that bore an "uncanny resemblance" to elements of Mozart's Requiem, his final work.

Mozart tried to disguise the similarities, however, changing the key signature and the time. He scored his borrowings for different instruments. But the Confutatis maledictis was taken from Anfossi's Venice Symphony, said the academics.