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Spiritually nourish those tender in gospel

- Seek help from the Spirit

- Study the scriptures- Pray in faith

Members of the Church have always been under covenant to nourish each other spiritually, especially those tender in the gospel, said Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve.

"We are blessed to live in a time when a great increase in that capacity to nourish new members of the Church must, and therefore will, be poured out upon the faithful Saints," he said Sunday afternoon.

Elder Eyring began his address by recounting an experience in the life of the Savior that demonstrated how He taught His disciples to nourish others.

"You remember that in the Bible account," he said, "He nourished them before He taught them.

"He had been crucified and then resurrected. His servants had gone to Galilee. They had fished through the night, catching nothing. When they drew near to shore, in the dawn, they did not at first recognize Him. He called out to them, telling them where to cast their nets, and when they did the nets were filled."

Now recognizing Him, they rushed to greet Him on the shore where "they found a fire of coals with fish cooking, and bread.

"I have often wondered, as you may have done, who laid the fire, who caught the fish, and who cooked the meal, but it was the Master who prepared His disciples to be fed more than fish and bread. He let them eat first. And then He taught them of spiritual feeding."

Elder Eyring explained that the Lord, through His prophets, "has told us that He will preserve the bounteous harvest of new converts. And the Lord will do it through us," he explained.

"So we can have confidence that by doing simple things, things that even a child can do, we will be granted soon greater power to nourish tender faith."

The place to start, he said, is with our own hearts. "What we want with all our hearts will determine in large degree whether we can claim our right to the companionship of the Holy Ghost, without which there can be no spiritual nourishing.

"We can begin today to try to see those we are to nourish as our Heavenly Father sees them, and so feel some of what He feels for them. Our Father and the Savior see those converts as tender lambs, purchased with a price we cannot fathom."

Since "every word we speak can strengthen or weaken faith," continued Elder Eyring, "we need help from the Spirit to speak the words which will nourish."

There are two great keys to inviting the Spirit, he remarked, namely, daily study of the scriptures, and the prayer of faith.

"The Holy Ghost will guide what we say if we study and ponder the scriptures every day."

Likewise, "heartfelt, constant pleading for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, . . . will surely bring blessings to us and to those we love and serve."

In conclusion, Elder Eyring explained that if requirements for membership are clearly and lovingly explained, if opportunities to serve are wisely extended and their performance judged with charity, converts "will be strengthened by the companionship of the Holy Ghost and they will then be nurtured by power beyond our own."