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Great happiness comes in sharing gospel

- Take lifelong charge seriously

- Serve without formal call- Serve part-time or full time mission Few things bring the joy that comes to those who help someone understand the teachings of the Savior and join His Church, said Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve.

"There follows great happiness as that new convert is strengthened during the transition to a new life, is solidly grounded in truth and obtains all the ordinances of the temple with all the promises of eternal life," he said Saturday afternoon.

Elder Scott said that the responsibility for missionary work was profoundly clarified by President David O. McKay when he said: "Every member a missionary."

Elder Scott asked conference-goers: "How seriously have you personally taken the Lord's charge to share His gospel? It is a lifelong responsibility. It is to be addressed differently according to the seasons of your life."

While there are many who can serve full-time missions, others must serve in other ways.

Elder Scott explained that conversion requires two steps: doctrinal conversion, when a person gains a testimony, and social transition, when a person leaves behind friends, habits and customs and traditions not in harmony with the life of a Latter-day Saint. These are replaced by new friends and activities.

"The latter is the most difficult to achieve," said Elder Scott. "It is best accomplished with the love and support of members."

Concerning missionary work, Elder Scott enumerated three categories of service and asked his listeners to determine "which best meets your current circumstances."

1. Serving without a formal call.

Valuable missionary service is rendered in the normal routine of life by friendshipping investigators and new members, said Elder Scott.

"There are other ways you may not think of as missionary service," he continued. "A young mother can teach each growing son to prepare to be a missionary to preach the gospel and share the testimony of truth."

2. Serving a part-time mission.

Elder Scott said this includes traditional service such as a stake missionary or a ward mission leader. "There are also a wide variety of other part-time service opportunities in almost every branch of Church activity such as the temple, family history, welfare, education and public affairs," he said.

3. Serving a full-time mission.

Physically able and emotionally stable young men should recognize their opportunity and responsibility to serve full-time missions, said Elder Scott.

He said that missionary couples are urgently needed to strengthen the Church through training new members and serving in temples, family history centers, and in educational and medical activities, as well as in welfare services, public affairs and visitors centers.

"Don't wait to be asked," said Elder Scott. "I invite each of you to come forth to participate some way in the glorious, varied opportunities for missionary service and strengthening and sustaining those who embrace the gospel as new members."