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Plan guides `our journey through life'

- Be an example

- Be morally clean- Give of yourself

A recently retired airline pilot, Elder Duane B. Gerrard said the Plan of Salvation, "like the many flight plans I've filed, teaches true principles to allow completion of our `journey through life.' "

Elder Gerrard, speaking Sunday afternoon in his first general conference address since being sustained to the Second Quorum of the Seventy last April, likened the Plan of Salvation to flight procedures, such as "Normal Procedures," "Abnormal Procedures," and "Emergency Procedures."

He explained: "First, the Lord has created a beautiful earth for His children to live on and mortal bodies that are temples for our spirits. We are raised by mortal parents whose kind and loving care teach us `correct principles' or `Normal Procedures' that, if followed daily, will surely help us continue life's flight plan. We are taught principles such as love and honesty, kindness, patience, trust, enthusiasm, sharing, humility, obedience, repentance, faith, baptism, prayer and a host of other eternal principles."

"Abnormal Procedures," he said, are like the "abnormal" happenings in daily life, such as the disappointment of failing a class due to laziness or apathy, carelessness leading to injury or accident, or disobedience leading to serious sin, "sin that requires complete repentance followed by forgiveness."

"If . . . we do make mistakes," he added, "the Lord expects us to learn from our `bad decisions,' and our `normal and abnormal procedures' require us to confess, repent and seek forgiveness. And thus by so doing even failure can become success.

"The repentance process," Elder Gerrard continued, "should become a frequent `Normal Procedure' to teach us to deal with the infrequent `abnormal' occurrences of life."

Speaking of "Emergency Procedures," Elder Gerrard referred to the "severe turbulence of life, such as the loss of a loved one, the discovery of a serious disease, estrangement or financial disaster. `Emergency Procedures' are used in times of peril when one's testimony is tested and tried. We seek solace by searching the scriptures, pondering messages of prophets, and feeling the deep love and devotion of our spouse, family and friends."

Elder Gerrard suggested several ways to take a spiritual "refresher course" - become more actively involved in Christ's teachings; always attend sacrament meeting and keep the Sabbath day holy; pay tithes and offerings more faithfully; be morally clean; pray regularly and with more purity of purpose; hold family home evening; give more of yourself to others; show more love to family and friends; and be an example of goodness, compassion and charity.