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Clever home tips and tricks gathered from TV shows

A continuing compendium of tips and tricks gleaned from programming on Home & Garden Television:

Tight spot:

Next time you are working on a rough spot in a small, hard-to-get-to area, try this: Use a large padded emery board for sanding small, tricky areas. They come in different grains just like sandpaper and you can purchase several from your beauty supply store. - "The Carol Duvall Show"

Clean sweep:

When beginning a cleaning project, set all the items you will need inside a bucket. Carry this bucket around with you and this will eliminate trips back and forth to the cleaning closet. - "Room by Room"

No-stick trick:

Things can get messy when you are cutting any sticky surface. To keep your scissors from inheriting the stickiness, try putting a dusting of talcum powder on the scissor's blades before cutting. - "The Carol Duvall Show"

Tool box tip:

Keeping steel tools sharp and free of rust is a constant battle. Here's a tip: Line the bottom of your tool box with carpet. Then, as you put your tools away, wipe or spray a thin coating of oil on the exposed metal. The carpet will protect and help the sharp tools and the oil will prevent rust. - "HGTV Home Improvement Tips"