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Utahns get patents for inventions

Nine mechanical, two chemical, and two electrical inventions by Utahns were awarded patents recently by the United States Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Leon Scott, Sandy, and Leslie L. Black, Salt Lake City. Rotary grinding mill for grain. Assigned to Creative Technologies, Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 29, 1994. Patent 5,660,339.- Dean E. Baughman, South Lehi. A rotary de-icer for separating ice particles from edible products adhering to the ice particles. Assigned to Beehive Inc., Sandy. Filed March 20, 1996. Patent 5,660,340.

- C. Robert Ripplinger, Millville. Mating spool assemblies for reducing stress concentrations. Filed Feb. 7, 1995, a division of patent 5,464,171. Patent 5,660,354.

- Ronald R. West, Provo. A fencing system with means for fitting a cap onto the top of vertical fence members. Filed June 26, 1996. Patent 5,660,376.

- George F. Uhlig, Price. A firefighting composition comprising a mixture of aluminum sulfate and other sulfates, bromides, and chlorides in a manner that becomes eutectic when heated. Assigned to Thermic Labs Inc., Carver, Mass. Filed March 10, 1995. Patent 5,660,763.

- Russell A. Crook, South Ogden, and Larry W. Poulter, Ogden. A process for preparing a titanium or titanium alloy surface for bonding. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed Oct. 31, 1995, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,520,768. Patent 5,660,884.

- Daniel B. Nielson, Brigham City, and Brad A. Fairbourn, West Haven. A multispectral covert target marker. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed Jan. 16, 1996. Patent 5,661,257.

- Steven Lee Cramer, Sandy, and Li Yuan, Salt Lake City. A laser aiming system for use with an X-ray machine providing a visible laser beam coaxial with the X-ray beam. Assigned to OEC Inc., Milpitas, Calif. Filed Sept. 17, 1996, a continuation of application April 15, 1996, which is a continuation of application Oct. 22, 1993, which is a continuation of patent 5,283,808. Patent 5,661,775.

- Jan D. Mayer, Sandy, and Beverly Ann Lujan, Salt Lake City. Scarf. Filed Aug. 1, 1995. Design patent 382,685.