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TV home shows offer cleaning, household tips

A continuing compendium of tips and tricks gleaned from programming on Home & Garden Television:

Pass the mayo and ashes:

To clean white water marks off of wood: Make a paste of mayonnaise and ashes (from cigarettes or the fireplace). Spread it over the stain and use fingers to lightly scrub the mark. The ashes will help scour the stain. Leave on for a couple of minutes and wipe away. Repeat if necessary.

Photo memory:

When looking for a new home, take along certain items to help you out. Bring along a camera to take snapshots of the house, a pad of paper for note-taking and a tape measure, the latter to be sure your favorite pieces of furniture will fit in the spaces provided.

X marks the spot:

A good tip for storing rubber stamps is to lay a piece of paper down inside your stamp tray and stamp the paper where the stamp will be stored.