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Officers may face new trial in death of black motorist

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Friday that two white suburban police officers should be tried again in the death of a black motorist who suffocated fighting with police during a traffic stop.

The first trial of Milton Mulholland and Michael Albert on manslaughter charges ended in a mistrial last fall when the coroner, under questioning by the defense, said Mulholland should explain what he did that night. A defendant is not required to testify at a trial.Jon Gammage, 31, was driving a Jaguar through Brentwood, a suburb of Pittsburgh, in October 1995 when police stopped him for flickering brake lights.

Police said Gammage lunged at a police officer after one struck him. He suffocated while the officers restrained him.

Prosecutors charged Mulholland, Albert and a third officer with involuntary manslaughter.

Tried separately, the third officer was acquitted by an all-white jury in November.