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Stiff upper lips quivering a bit at choice of Hendrix

The English Heritage's next honoree is shaking up some of those stiff upper lips with Jimi Hendrix, a rock star and a Yank.

The society that has honored the likes of Winston Churchill and Lord Byron made Hendrix the first rock legend to get its distinctive blue plaques at his home."What's next? A plaque to Oasis?" said Clive Aslet, editor of the patrician monthly Country Life.

Others said Britain has more than its share of rock greats.

Elain Harwood of the English Heritage told Entertainment Weekly in its Oct. 17 issue that Hendrix, who died in 1970 at age 27, was selected last month because he was one of the few legends eligible.

Other musicians just weren't "dead enough," she said. "You have to be dead for at least 20 years to get a blue plaque."