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Reids know what Fisher is feeling

Michigan's firing of Steve Fisher means a new round of questions and heartaches for Roger Reid and his family.

It's been 10 months since Reid was dismissed as head basketball coach at BYU and two months since his son, Robbie, transferred to Michigan. The Reids expressed shock and concern after learning of Fisher's firing.And, ironically, they're left asking some of the questions BYU fans asked when Roger was dismissed.

"What are we teaching, what kind of signal are we sending young men by firing coaches like this?" Roger said. "Is it a pro team? Does truth, integrity and honesty stand for anything anymore? I know that several players, including All-American Tractor Traylor, returned for their senior seasons just to play for the guy."

Fisher's dismissal comes just two weeks before the start of Michigan's conditioning practices, catching the entire team off guard - especially point-guard-to-be Robbie.

"What this means to Robbie and his future at Michigan is something he'll be evaluating," Roger said. "My concern right now is for the well-being of coach Fisher and his family. We know what a difficult time this must be for them."