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Bomb kills 2 militiamen in S. Lebanon

A roadside bomb planted by guerrillas exploded Saturday in southern Lebanon, killing two Israeli-allied militiamen, Lebanese security officials said. It was the second deadly guerrilla bombing in four days.

The explosion triggered more than an hour of gunfire between guerrillas and militiamen, the security officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. There was no immediate word on casualties in the subsequent fighting.Spokesmen for the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group told several Lebanese radio stations that their guerrillas had carried out the bombing.

The guerrillas detonated the explosion as a vehicle of the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army was passing through Tallet Niha, a village about 20 miles north of Marjayoun, the main town in the Israeli-occupied security zone in south Lebanon.

In a similar roadside bombing and mortar attack Wednesday, guerrillas of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah killed two Israeli soldiers and a South Lebanon Army militiaman.

Hezbollah and other militant groups are fighting to evict Israeli forces from the security zone, set up in 1985 to protect northern Israel from cross-border attacks. About 1,500 Israeli troops and 2,500 SLA militiamen patrol the zone.