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N.Y. woman gives birth to twins 2 days after being shot, paralyzed by ex-lover

A woman who was paralyzed when she was shot by an ex-boyfriend gave birth to premature twin boys 48 hours later while on a respirator.

The babies, each weighing about 3 pounds, were born by Caesarean section Friday night, said a spokeswoman for Nyack Hospital. They were in critical condition but "holding their own," nursing supervisor Kathy Begley said Saturday.Their 20-year-old mother, Monica Soto Trujillo, was home Wednesday in Spring Valley when a former boyfriend, Fernando Blanco, broke in and shot her in the chest. The bullet severed her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed below the rib cage. Blanco then shot himself.

Relatives said Blanco had been stalking Trujillo for years and had been spotted lurking in bushes around her home and shouting threats.