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Ex-fund raiser in Jones case fights subpoena

The former director of fund raising for Paula Corbin Jones' legal fund is fighting a subpoena by President Clinton's attorneys for donor records on grounds that the FBI is already investigating bizarre incidents of harassment and contributors must be protected.

While careful not to implicate Clinton's legal team with her allegations of wiretapping and theft, Washington public relations executive Cindy Hays said Saturday that the subpoena is "just another form of their harassment."Robert Bennett, Clinton's lead attorney in Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit, "is thinking `Let's bother them a little bit more . . . let's see how miserable we can make everybody involved,' " Hays said in an interview.

Bennett had Hays served two weeks ago with a subpoena asking for "all documents in her possession or control concerning or relating to Paula Jones."

Bennett said Saturday he was looking for evidence of Jones' motive and bias. "We say from Day One that Paula Jones is being controlled by people who want to harm the president. Hays is a player in this and we're entitled to her records," Bennett contended.

Hays' attorney, Thomas S. Neuberger, called the request a "fishing expedition" that posed a threat to the free-speech rights of contributors.