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Dance program to assist battered women's shelter

Valerie Walker, director of the new Wasatch Dance Collective modern dance company, said she has always wanted to put on a dance performance that would benefit the community.

"It has always been on my mind," Walker said. "I knew some one at the YWCA and that got my mind working."The Wasatch Dance Collective will perform at the Alice Sheets Marriott Center for Dance on the University of Utah campus Friday, Oct. 17. Curtain is 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are available for $5-$7 at the U. Union service desk, the door or by calling 581-DANS (3267). Proceeds will benefit the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter.

"The purpose of this concert is to help inform our community of our severe domestic violence epidemic and raise $1,500 - the amount of money required to operate the shelter for just one day," Walker said.

The theme for evening is "Phenomenal Women." There will be nine works presented by eight choreographers - Kimberly Schmit, Stephanie Sleeper, Stefanie Flade, Dawn Levingston, Rebecca Good, Jill Hinrichs, Julie Aragon and Walker.

Walker's work, "Catching Rain," which will premiere during the performance, will be presented in New York at DanceSpace in November.

"All the choreographers had similar ideas," Walker said of her staff. "The works are focused on women, love and relationships."

The Wasatch Dance Collective began to take form in June, Walker said. "The company is a collective company. We will pick up choreographers and dancers as the seasons go on."

Walker said she hopes to be able to do something like this every year.

"We would like to dance for good causes at least twice a year," Walker said. "I would also like to see this go to different cities across the state."