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`Healing of America' author to sign her books in S.L. store Tuesday

The word "guru" gets tossed about almost as recklessly as the word "superstar" these days. But once in awhile the label fits. And Marianne Williamson, author of the best-sellers "Return to Love" and "A Woman's Worth," has fashioned herself into the guru of superstars.

And on Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 8-9 p.m. at the downtown Barnes & Noble, Williamson will speak, take questions and sign her latest book, "The Healing of America," for local aficionados. Call 524-0089 for details."We're expecting 300 plus in the store," says Laura Pitts of Barnes & Noble. "The last time she was here she sold out Kingsbury Hall, so getting to hear her for free is a rare opportunity."

All of Williamson's books will be available for signing.

Williamson's "Healing of America" takes her very personal approach to religion and turns it outward to what she calls "holistic politics." Her goal is to revitalize citizens and make them more socially - and spiritually - aware. In her concluding chapter she writes:

Only a new political sensibility arising throughout the world can counter the war machine always lurking in the background of international politics. We must be bold enough to state what kind of world we want, instead of always trying to accomplish small gains within a system we know is ultimately destructive.

For those interested in attending her local lecture, Williamson has agreed to sign books and chat as long as people care to stay.