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Reno ignores GOP calls for her to resign

Brushing aside Republican demands that she resign, Attorney General Janet Reno says she will continue to follow the letter of the law in investigating White House fund-raising activities.

And, she said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," there was nothing so far in newly revealed videotapes of White House coffee klatches to indicate that President Clinton has broken any laws.Republican critics say Reno should either resign or be subject to impeachment for failing to seek a special prosecutor to probe White House fund-raising practices during the 1996 campaign. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., said Saturday that she "looks like a fool" in failing to trigger the Independent Counsel Act.

"Name-calling may be an appropriate tactic in politics, but what we are trying to do is conduct the best, most thorough investigation we possibly can," Reno said.

She said she had no intention of resigning. "What people say about me, what people threaten, just isn't what should be done in this investigation," she said.

Reno has until Wednesday to decide whether to continue an investigation into fund-raising phone calls Clinton may have made from the White House in violation of an 1883 law banning political solicitations in federal office buildings.

Earlier this month, Reno moved to the next step in looking at phone calls Vice President Al Gore made from the White House. Her action could lead to appointment of an independent counsel.

However, she said, there was no credible evidence of wrongdoing in the White House coffees and sleep-overs involving wealthy donors.

In a review of videotapes of the coffees, Reno said Sunday, "we do not have any indication of criminal activity" by people covered under the Independent Counsel Act, including the president.

But she said "nothing has been closed and nobody has been exonerated," and people should understand that "this is a massive ongoing criminal investigation that I'm going to see takes us where the evidence is."