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W.V. starts municipal name game

Maybe those folks in West Valley City are onto something after all with their offbeat little "Best Valley City" campaign.

The promotion, which was intended to improve the city's image, appears to be contagious.Sandy's chief administrative officer, Byron Jorgenson, fired off a letter to West Valley City Manager John Patterson recently along with a photo of a Sandy police car.

Except the "S" emblazoned on the side of the car had been replaced by a "D."

Go ahead and sing a few bars: Banana-bana-pobana Dandy.

Get it? Dandy City?

But not everybody can play the municipal name game.

It was easy enough for the folks in Sandy. They also could've gone with Handy City.

Which is a lot better than Blandy City. Or Randy City. Trendy City would be too much of a stretch.

And Murray could even become "Hurray City" if city officials were so inclined. Presuming, of course, no one was interested in Furray City, Slurray City or Blurray City.

But other communities in Salt Lake Valley with a yen for one of these superlative handles may have a harder time coming up with something really catchy.

For example, there's not much potential for Kearns. "Learns," maybe? Not likely.

Best Jordan is out of luck. Already taken.

Very little hope for Salt Lake City, either. It's unlikely the mayor or council there would be all that jazzed about Fault Lake City, even though it might have some seismic or political merit.

Malt Lake City probably would start a war between the beer drinkers and the ice cream bibbers.

And what self-respecting Riverton resident would want to live in Liverton or Giverton?

Some cities don't stand a chance in the municipal name game.

Consider, for example, the plight of Taylorsville.

Baylorsville would sound like a college town from Texas. And it's hard to imagine anyone out there embracing a name like Jaylorsville or Waylorsville.

Midvale certainly wouldn't fare much better.

Anybody out there excited about Kidvale? Hidvale? Ridvale? Or Skidvale? Not likely.

Poor old Magna. Ragna? Lagna? Bagna? Or even Sagna?

Uh-uh. No way. Sounds too much like Italian cuisine.

Draper, South Jordan and Alta have even less potential for playing the name game.

But no community would fare worse than Bluffdale.

Duffdale? For golfers, maybe.

But everything else is pretty dang grim including Gruffdale, Muffdale, Ruffdale, Tuffdale, Sluffdale and Snuffdale.

Enuffdale, already?