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Kennard kicks off event on prevention of crime

Residents and governments should take action to drive crime from the streets and build a safer future for Salt Lake County.

That is the challenge Salt Lake County Sheriff Aaron Kennard recently issued to kick off the nationwide Crime Prevention Month in the county."I appreciate the men and women of our county who have taken personal responsibility for their neighborhoods as well as community and church organizations who work for the common good," Kennard said.

Endorsing the national theme "Power of Prevention: Action Makes the Difference," Kennard said: "I believe that when prevention becomes everyone's business, crime and fear no longer dominate our lives.

"We must explore new partnerships that build stronger communities in which crime cannot control our actions."

Instead of retreating in fear and isolation, people should meet and discuss ways to deal with crime, violence and drugs in their neighborhoods, Kennard said.

Interested residents can receive assistance in organizing such grassroots efforts by contacting the Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Services at 468-3901.