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Editorial writer is biased

Being a native Utahn and on the House Resources Committee staff, I have followed with great interest the Sierra Club's proposal to drain Lake Powell. I am concerned with the conclusions that Karl Cates comes to in his opinion piece on Sept. 30. The hearings that Congressman Jim Hansen held on the issue of draining of Lake Powell were rightly done to determine the nature of how serious the Sierra Club is in pushing this forward. Yes, draining Lake Powell is ridiculous, but just because the Sierra Club is again pushing something that is completely outrageous does not mean it should not be taken seriously.

Case in point is how the vast majority of citizens would have reacted at one time to the proposal of designating 5.7 million acres of wilderness in Utah. Twenty years ago, this idea would "run counter to popular and well-entrenched notions of progress." We can all imagine the snickers from the average citizen as people began to discuss this idea. But after years of pushing this outrageous proposal, the same people that brought to us the notion that we should drain Lake Powell, now have the president of the United States convinced that nothing short of 5.7 million acres of wilderness in Utah is acceptable.I have read Mr. Cates' work with interest and have to say that he would do well to look at his paper's editorial masthead and read the words, "In Our Opinion." Most of us involved in the legislative process simply look at him as another environmental writer who takes his marching orders from the same people who look to drain Lake Powell. It is difficult for anyone to take serious a writer who is so one-sided, biased and opinionated.

William Simmons

Washington, D.C.