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Helms made right decision

Stewart Harvey is outraged because Sen. Jesse Helms did not allow a hearing on the nomination of William Weld as ambassador to Mexico (Readers' Forum, Sept. 28), so he evidently does not know that "during the past 10 years alone, 154 failed nominations died in committee without a hearing." (Washington Times Weekly, Sept. 28) Most of these occurred during Democratic controlled Congresses. Calling for impeachment of Helms on these grounds is utterly ridiculous.

Helms had good reason to reject Weld, since Mexico supplies much of the illegal drugs used in our country and Weld supports legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, which would open the door to more addiction and many abuses. For instance, according to an article titled "Don't Be Deceived by Pushers of Drug Legalization" by Steve Forbes in Human Events, Sept. 26, if Washington state passes Initiative 685, "any medical `practitioner' can recommend usage, with no prescription necessary; the patient only needs to claim serious illness - but no definition of `serious' has been given. Does this mean any ailment, such as headaches or stress, will do? `Practitioners' include not only doctors but also pharmacists, podiatrists and even veterinarians."Legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is only a ploy to completely legalize marijuana and, in my opinion, Weld was the wrong person to represent us in Mexico.

Carol Nuffer