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Dogs should be leashed

My heart goes out to Adele Breeden, whose dog was killed by officer Larson. But my heart also goes out to officer Larson who, like many of us who jog the streets, genuinely felt threatened by a loose, menacing, 90-pound barking (and probably snarling) dog.

Before you judge officer Larson too harshly, consider this - barking dogs do bite! Dogs may be friendly to friends and neighbors; however, to jogging strangers who look more like prey or trespassers, too many unleashed dogs become vicious predators or protectors (not much difference to those of us who get attacked or bitten).I have been on both sides of the fence. I have had a beloved childhood pet dog "put to sleep" for biting and chasing mail carriers and others who had come too close to his master's boundaries . . . this dog, too, wouldn't hurt a fly. He had hurt strangers. On the other hand, I am a jogger. I have been bitten more than once - I have been chased up trees, sign posts, and into oncoming traffic (luckily avoiding tragedy) by unleashed "friendly dogs."

There have been many times I wished I had had a gun (or a big stick) to protect myself.

Dog owners please have your dogs on a leash at all times! You are responsible for your pet's actions/reactions. Dogs do that which is natural to them - bark, chase and bite. Officer Larson had killed a menacing dog in self-defense. Adele Breeden killed her dog in not obeying the leash laws. Both share in the responsibilty.

Thomas Strangfeld