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Kamienicki still hasn't seen ring

Scott Kamieniecki, the Game 5 starter for the Baltimore Orioles, is still waiting to receive his World Series ring from the defending champion New York Yankees.

The right-hander pitched in seven games for New York last year, going 1-2 with an 11.12 ERA. He was sent to Triple-A Columbus on May 26 and did not return."I did not contribute in any way and I was not upset when I didn't get a ring," he said Sunday. "Then, the second day when we were in New York, they sent someone down and said it was an oversight."

The Yankees then went through the process of having him fitted for a ring.

"To this point, I have not seen that ring," he said.

WATER SPORTS: Baltimore manager Davey Johnson thought Orel Hershiser may have had a little something extra on his fastball in Game 3.

Johnson thought Hershiser was illegally bringing his hand to his mouth while on the mound, suggesting that he was putting an excessive amount of moisture on the ball.

"I know from my experience that Orel likes to put water on the back of his neck," Johnson said. "Not necessarily that he's throwing a spitter. But I know he would rather throw the ball moist rather than throw it dry. He was going right from his mouth to the ball, and that's illegal."

Indians Game 5 starter Chad Ogea gave a startling answer when asked about Johnson's suspicions of Hershiser.

"Orel and I have been together for about three years," Ogea said. "He cheats and everybody else does. Why not? He showed me how to cheat, but I said I couldn't do it until I'm about 35. So if I stay around that long, I get the privilege to cheat."

Cleveland manager Mike Hargrove made light of Johnson's subtle accusations.

"I played with Gaylord Perry," Hargrove said, bringing up baseball's most famous spitball pitcher. "Gaylord used to tell me all the time, if I get them talking about that, then I've done half my job."

TEAM EFFORT: Orioles bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks has spent the last 29 years in a Baltimore uniform, so he's somewhat of an expert on the recent history of the franchise.

Hendricks, the starting catcher on the world championship team of 1970, said this year's squad is similar to that one in one important regard - teamwork.

"It's not fair to compare Oriole teams because you're looking at a totally different era," Hendricks said.

"The one thing I can compare, though, is that this year the entire roster contributed to our success. All 25 players. Actually, more than that because we had some minor leaguers come up and help when some regulars were injured."

GAME 4 ODDS AND ENDS: The two teams combined for 10 extra-base hits in Game 4, doubling their total through the first three games in the series.. . . The back-to-back home runs hit by Baltimore's Harold Baines and Rafael Palmeiro in the third inning marked the seventh time the feat has been accomplished in an ALCS game. The others: Mike Cuellar and Don Buford for Baltimore in 1970, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva for Minnesota in 1970, Joe Rudi and Sal Bando for Oakland in 1973, Rick Cerone and Lou Piniella for the Yankees in 1980, Mark McGwire and Terry Steinbach for Oakland in 1992, and Cecil Fielder and Darryl Strawberry for the Yankees last year.