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`Wheel' stalker? Past winner has to be removed from set LOS ANGELES (AP)

Raymond Taylor rode the "Wheel of Fortune" to the top, but it was his failure to go back down that caused him trouble.

The 46-year-old Los Angeles man became so infatuated with the television game show after winning $81,000 in cash and prizes in 1993 that he "stalked" the show and had to be removed from the stage, according to court records."I wanted to have a life with the show," Taylor said in the Sunday edition of the Daily News of Los Angeles. "I loved the show enough to be a part of it."

It has happened before, said Marki Costello, who has been the coordinator on 22 programs, including "Hollywood Squares" and "The Gong Show."

"They feel like they have a relationship because they were treated so special the day of the show," she said. "They don't realize that when we're done with them, we're done with them. On to the next show."